All comments about Infinite-e were taken from U.S. press reviews and compiled from 1997 until 1999.

About "Tribo da madrugada"

«Just try cutting loose to the sound of this groovy sexy Portuguese dance band, I'm sure you'll like it! Alexandrina is easily one of the most loveable female vocalists on the planet. Producer Paulo was influenced early on by the progressive art rock stylists David Byrne and Brian Eno. Indeed, I found this great band through an mp3.com computer search for artists claiming to be similar to Eno. »

«There are surprisingly few really great house or disco SONGS, but this sure is one of them. Rockers have for many years tended to hate disco and house style music because the songwriting just doesn't reach the depth and sophistication they're used to from rock. Rock has a strongly established poetic tradition going back to the '60s, and when a band like the String Cheese Incident doesn't seem to be writing lyrics at as high a level as their musicianship, the band has a problem they have to solve! On the other hand, some house producers seem to get away with just doing silly shallow songs forever! But infinite-e is not like that, they've come out with some really classic dance tunes like this, and Alexandrina's sultry soulful and sexy vocal phrasings take the songs right over the language barrier, so you will be able to get this song even if you don't know a word of Portuguese!»


About "Tiznit"

«This Portuguese group was originally inspired by the dance music of Brian Eno and David Byrne. They do some really groovy and jammin' electronic dance music! This one even has some perfectly swingin' and tasteful latin jazzy piano in it!»

« Infinite-e is a Portuguese dance group and they sure can JAM. Just check out that wild PIANO SOLO!»

« This is all about the Eternal Summer of Psychedelic Love. It's very interesting to compare infinite-e vocalist Alexandrina's singing in English and Portuguese, she has a very good understanding of how the sounds of both languages can be used musically, her phrasing is just so awesomely soulful, swingin' and sexy!»

« This sure is the most swinging, soulful and sexy house tune I ever heard. Alexandrina sings real soulfully in English too, but when she puts that sensual phrasing on in Portuguese a man can't hardly help himself...even if he doesn't know a word she's saying!»

« Love, Peace, Fantasy... and Alexandrina of infinite-e sure is one of the most loveable female vocalists on the planet!»

« Portugal's versatile electronic groove cats infinite-e built on the work of Eno and David Byrne, certain aspects of the early 90's British Rave movement, and many other sources to create a very distinctive modern style of dance song production. This is one of their most light, spacious, swinging and almost lounge-jazzy tunes...»

« IT THIS DOESN'T UPLIFT YOU OFF YOUR ASS AND GET YOU DANCING, I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL! This Portuguese dance band cites Eno as a formative influence, and I feel that influence working for them in this tune. And the latin jazzy piano player knows just what to do with the AMBIENCE AND GROOVE. A listner wrote me to express the opinion their singer Alexandrina is the best dance-oriented female vocalist since Donna Summer. Space-age swingin' soul music, dude. Don't settle for anything less.»


About "Como yo"

« Contemporary electronic dance music doesn't get any better than infinite-e. They're just so unique, once you get into their groove you aren't going to find many others doing something like it. According to Einstein it's only realistic to be fundamentallytwisted, and Paulo the producer in infinite-e can work with the warps in a way that is really cool and groovy.»